What can go wrong with your wordpress website

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Undoubtedly wordpress is a awesome cms but seriously can anything wo wrong with it? The answer is yes. It can be from user side or developers side.

No cms is perfect, so is wordpress. So let us discuss some things which can go wrong with your wordpress website and solutions to it.

>> First thing which can go wrong is database connectivity error. It generally happens while installing wordpress or while shifting wordpress from one server to another. This can happen because of misconfiguration between database connectivity values and actual values. So whenever this thing happens, check your database connectivity values with actual database values like username, password.

>>Site can also start underperforming in a long run. This happens with many wordpress website because of neglecting maintenance. Maintenance wordpress of site is necessary in order to maintain its performance and functionality.

For maintenance timing, one can decide according to website usage. If the website is visited regularly by many visitors, then it is advised to do weekly or monthly maintenance along with regular testing.

>> What else can go wrong is the website can become vulnerable to hacking. A wordpress website can become vulnerable because of two reasons.
First is any vulnerability from theme and plugin developers side. Unknowingly or with time a plugin or theme can become vulnerable, so to prevent any such attempts developers of plugins and themes release updates along with performance improvements..   

Second reason can be from user side. Often it is seen that users do not implement proper security measures and recommendations.  So to prevent yourself from getting hacked, implement advanced security recommendations for wordpress.

>> This problem is rarely faced by low traffic website, but with high traffic websites this problem is common. Website with high traffic face problem of server load. This happens when huge traffic land on the website, making server resource to exhaust.

For such websites there is special type of hosting which is fully dedicated towards running wordpress websites. Such hosting are especially created to keep wordpress websites stable on high loads.

These are some things which can go wrong with your wordpress websites.

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