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What are bounce rates and how to decrease them

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If you are a webmaster then you must be familiar with bounce rates. Somewhere or other it might have itched you at wrong places at wrong times, yes it’s a cactus plant with flowers.

For those who are into marketing might also have the privilege of sharing this itching. Though it is an IT terminology but it is discussed much by marketing guys.

For a newbie in marketing or as webmaster, this term is  familiar but what really it is, very less have idea about it.

What are bounce rates?

Bounce rate is basically an internet marketing term used while analyzing internet traffic in webmaster. It shows the percentage of visitors who visited your site and then left without continuing their navigation on the site.

What are bounce rates for ?

They are basically for determining the effectiveness and performance of a website or a page. It is directly connected to conversion on a site or an page. Less the bounce rates, more likely be the conversions.

Though conversion metrics are not mandatory of bounce rates, but it is considered one of the factors for conversions.

How to decrease bounce rates?

Now that we have discussed about bounce rates and why they are here for, now it’s time to discuss how we can decrease bounce rates.

Speeding up website: Adding a jetpack to your website will help in speeding up your website…. JK ! Use google’s speed test tool to check your website’s speed. Implement maximum of recommendations provided by google. It is not mandatory to implement them all but before implementing do consider taking a recommendation from an expert.

Adding Social Share Buttons and Social Commenting: Yes they can be a great help to people who visit your site. If someone finds your content interesting and wants to share or comment its opinion over it, then with the help of sharing and commenting plugins they can do so.
Some visitors do find their absence as a negative factor for a site and hit the back button.

Implementing these suggestions will definitely help you decrease bounce rates on your site.