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Social media platforms are a huge resource of traffic, leads, authority and business. Many website owners know the importance of social media are are optimized according to it but some are still unaware on how to properly use social media for their website.

In this post I will guide you through some of the important wordpress social media integrations which are very helpful for your website.



Facebook has reached 1.94 billion monthly active users by the first quarter of 2017, which is a huge number in terms of growth and users too. Utilizing facebook’s elements on website can prove to be beneficial for website.   

WordPress plugins such as Custom Facebook Feed, which shows a completely customizable Facebook feed of any public Facebook page or group on your website or SEO Facebook Comment which insert a Facebook Comment Form, Open Graph Tags and ALSO adds all Facebook Comments into Database, which improves SEO.

Facebook being a source for every niche traffic should be integrated with wordpress website to help visitors get a good user experience and leverage the integration.


Twitter is often called social media platform for businesses. It is unique because of its certain limitations, limitations like wordcount and 5000 following limit, but it is still popular among businesses, artists, politicians and sports persons.

Twitter has 328 million monthly active users by the first quarter of 2017, which is a huge number of businesses, professionals, artists, politicians and sports personalities combined.

For Twitter, WordPress has some plugins which are very beneficial upon integrating.

WP to Twitter is a WordPress plugin which automatically posts a Twitter update when you update your blog.
One click Tweet is an awesome twitter plugin which upon integrating allow readers/visitors to tweet a certain quote. This plugin makes special quotes tweetable with just one click.

Twitter being an ever engaging platform, can drive traffic back to your site as well increase reach of content shared.



Instagram is a popular social media platform for videos and photos. It has surpassed adoption rate compared to its competitors and is very popular among Z generation.

Popular WordPress integrations for WordPress are Instagram Feed, which populates Instagram feed on a WordPress page; and Intagrate Lite which automatically integrate your Instagram images with your WordPress blog.

These are some social media integrations you can use on your WordPress website.


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