How to run a WordPress website smoothly

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WordPress is a user friendly CMS which offers various benefits over other CMS’s. Even though wordpress is a full package of all the basic necessities required in a website, adding more functionalities quiet slow down its performance. On the other hand there are some external factors too which somehow affects wordpress performance.

In this post we will get to know some of the tips which will help you run your wordpress website smoothly.

A good server: A good server solves most of the performance problems. For a website which often faces technical issues or performance issues, opting for a good host will sort most of such problems. A host like siteground, namecheap etc. have specifically designed servers for wordpress installations which offer better performance than shared hosting.


There are very few trusted companies to choose for every type of hosting. So before choosing any host, do visit website hosting forums for reviews on that hosting.

Do not forget mobile: Mobile devices are one of the largest contributor to internet access and traffic. The majority of the internet access is now via mobile devices like iPhones, Tablets etc. so it is mandatory to optimize wordpress website for mobile. Optimizing for mobile can improve user experience on mobile devices as well as help in conversion.

Schedule Cleanup: With time, certain junk files start to collect in directories as well as in database. Just like our computer, in wordpress cleaning such files helps in improving performance as well as saves space.


CDN: Using CDN on website helps in increasing speed of the website. It basically delivers content faster to the users which speeds up website loading time.


A CDN delivers static content from nearest location to the requesting server rather than transferring it from original server. This decreases requests to original server and helps in improving loading time.

These are few tips which can help you in running your website smoothly.

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