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Blogging is a booming industry. Most of the businesses have embraced blogging and are successful in making most out of it. B2B companies are utilizing blogging more compared to  B2C companies.

Blogging was first started as a hobby for writers as well for people who share expertise in a niche like gardening, cooking, fishing etc. Sooner or later everyone stepped into blogging. From kids to old age people, everyone had their blog on Blogger or WordPress.

Today this trend has continued and has evolved a lot. Businesses today use it as a part of content marketing, which is solely based upon a dedicated blog.

Influential marketing, is a marketing type which utilizes power of blogging.

So for helping newbies to start with, below are few tips.

Choose your interest: Interest is the factor which will drive you to write and promote your blog. If you have eagerness towards something or have some expertise, you are fit to start your own blog. Blogging helps to further sharpen and broaden your spectrum of knowledge.

If we talk about business blogs, choose from narrow to broad spectrum of topics in your niche to write on. It can also include your business’s updates, official statements and work culture.

Choose the right platform: Right platform ensures right utilization of power. Most of the bloggers today use wordpress as their blogging platform. WordPress also has a free vertical for bloggers on its dot com domain, where bloggers can blog free of cost but with some limitations. Blogger which is powered by Google,  provides similar service for free but it too has some limitations.

Choose the right Elements: Irrespective of CMS used, there are some essential elements which are a must on a blog.

Below is a list of such elements which is must for a blogging website.

  • Social Login



Hosting: Hosting is very essential for running a blog. A good hosting ensures performance and 99.99% uptime. When load on website starts to increase, website performance becomes slow. So choosing a reliable hosting is must.

These are few tips for newbies to start their blogging journey.

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