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Top free SSO tools for small businesses!

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Since companies are progressively moving towards the cloud and migrating their applications to SaaS solutions, it has become really challenging for them to manage their user identities and logins for continuous varying locations. To begin with, the organizations must match user identities and clean their databases. Then the service provider must be mapped to an identity provider to decide which applications must enable single sign on and in which order. Businesses should first decide which identity “vault/database” is the master and then they should scope the applications after deciding which applications work better with OAuth2 or which are SAML enabled.

Well for all these you need a suitable single sign on solution to maintain your company’s identity management. But not all organizations can afford already existing rich solutions for this, they would prefer to go with some free tools that offer SSO. However, it’s better to opt something then no solution at all.

So let’s see some of the free tools available for SSO that help small businesses to manage their customers logins and identities.

LastPass !

LastPass is a perfect solution for small businesses which is a way to remember passwords for many sites. All you need is a master password and once it is set, all the passwords for the sites that are stored in its database are auto-filled for the respective sites you visit. LastPass is available as a browser extension and you can also install it on your mobile device as well.

SSO Tracer !

It is an extension for firefox and for chrome. This is mainly a SSO debugger that filters out the HTML requests, displays SAML messages and flags authentication messages. This free tool is so simple and so useful for troubleshooting.

Shibboleth !

It is an open source softwares that enables SSO for web services and other systems run by different organizations. Basically, it is based upon SAML2 that provides not only identity management but also responsible for federated authentication. Mainly it is used in the academic world. It is maintained by a consortium and it’s open source license is based upon Apache 2 software license.

CoSign/ ESOE/Josso !

CoSign was originally designed for university of Michigan, which is possibly a better web single sign on solution  Enterprise Sign On engine was from Queensland University which works upon SAML 2.0 but is able to translate tokens from OpenID and Shibboleth to its SAML tokens. Josso is an open source IAM platform to enable secure web SSO which is easy to use and features visual modeling.

Hence these are some tools that can save you from the high cost of development and can suit your requirements. Drop your comments for suggestions.


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