Elements which deliver the best ROI for your traffic efforts

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ROI is basically Return over investment and is discussed whenever there are paid ads. ROI is calculated on the basis of amount spent versus the output received by the investment.

On web, Investment is basically for showing ads on different platforms like website, social media search engines etc.

But in our case ROI is not based on money. The ROI here is the time and efforts invested in creating foundation for gaining and stabilizing traffic to the website by free means.

There are many ways which can help in attracting traffic on a website. Let us look at some of those elements which helps in increasing traffic with less efforts, hence increasing ROI for the traffic efforts.

First element is the speed: If your website is quick to load, and has quick navigation to other parts of the site, then you are in your way to attract good traffic from any source.

Speed being one of the primary elements affecting user experience, is the best thing to invest your resource and time on.

You can be able to channelize your traffic from different sources and mediums to your website, but if the site itself is slow, then this effort is a waste. People will eventually bounce off if they face slow loading speed.

Second element is social media: Social media is a free platform to get benefit from. A pro social media marketer knows how to use different elements for attracting social media audience for free.

Few of pro social media tips involve

  1. Active social media page
  2. Use social media elements on website like social login & social sharing buttons
  3. Increase engagement on social media pages
  4. Create contests and offer special discounts.

Having a pinch of social media on website and presence of website on social media platform helps a website to connect both the platforms and exchange traffic.

Another positive thing with social media is that it contributes to social trust for a website.

These were the elements which deliver best ROI, i.e. traffic for free on a website.

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