2 commandments for a perfectly running WordPress website

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For a perfect WordPress website, there are few rules which must be followed, else you might end up all slow and full of errors.

These rules have to be followed as described.

Rule no 1: Define user roles:
In wordpress, there are different type users; Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and subscriber. These user roles have different access powers which may be similar to other user role but have limitations.

For example a user with author user role have powers similar to a contributor but a contributor has a limitation; contributor cannot publish a post but an author can.

On a site, it is very essential to define user roles because improper user roles can hamper the work with limited or unlimited access.

Especially when we talk about multi-site WordPress or WordPress based publishing site, user roles are crucial as loosening user access can become costly.


Rule no 2: Maintenance:  Just like machines, website maintenance is also important. Without maintenance, website will become slow and start to malfunction.  Few tips on Maintenance of wordpress site are:

  • Enable auto update in WordPress: There can be times when one can forget about updating WordPress elements like core, themes and plugins. In this case, setting them on auto update is the only option.
    Updates are one of the necessary factors which will keep your website running. With time, plugins, themes and core will get outdated and the risk with out dated stuff is that it can become vulnerable to hacking and malfunction.

    New updates,also introduce performance improvements on the site.

  • Cleanup Database: With time, junk values starts to accumulate in wordpress, leading to increase in database size and slow execution. To manually clean database is a pain, so use database cleaning plugins like wp-clean.

  • Check for Dead Ends on the site: Dead ends are the 404 pages of the site. Whenever a content is absent like a page or a post, it leads to a 404 page.  
    These pages are a bad sign because search engine bots consider 404 pages as a bad signal and it can casue effect on your website’s rankings.

These are the two commandments to a perfectly running WordPress website.

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